Before you cum


let me introduce



Hi guys! Welcome to my official page. My name is Patriana Jones, also known as, The AfroNUDIST. In short, I'm a sensual, sexual, self-loving sapio being who believes nudity is the finest form of art + faking orgasms and never learning the language of your body are the biggest sins you can commit.

I am a millennial so you know that means I am the ‘‘generation of slashes’’. There isn’t one thing you can pinpoint me to, but rather, a whole lot of dope stuff that I’m really passionate about.

Here’s a cheat sheet to help you get a glimpse of everything I’m all about:

  • Author of popular selling book: SEX: the taboo tool of Self - Love . Listennnnnn, I honestly put my heart, soul, and vagina into this one guys!

  • Creator & Curator of We Keep It Candid , a community platform in which I produce events that focus on the body, sexuality, self-love, and cultivating healthy relationships.

  • Creator & Host of Kinky Game Night, a bold and liberating event that you have to experience at least once in life. All the games you love with a kinky twist + tacos, drinks, & a VIP Nudist Lounge? It’s the Sexiest Taco Tuesday you’ll ever come across.

  • And of course, The AfroNUDIST , the core of me, the muse in me, the art of me. This part of me debunks the stigmatization & villainous scapegoating of our naked bodies via live sensual performances & mouth-watering art.

    Honestly, I just am defining my journey and walking my path in this here life and I encourage you to do the same. I don't know what brought you to my page, but I know that if you're here, you might as well Subscribe and stick around for the ride. 

    P.S. I'll be coming to a city near you soon, pinky promise. 

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