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‘‘I’ll fuck you too’’

Those were the words Danielle Hammonds said to her mother-in-law when confronted about why she’d had sex with the twin sister of her husband.


Yes, you read correct.

I recently sat down with Danielle Hammonds to discuss her sexual journey to self confidence and self-love and, BOY, was it full of surprises!

One of those surprises was the time she had cheated on her husband with his very own twin sister.

Now when she first told me this, of course my mouth slightly opened in surprise and I momentarily fumbled in speech as I tried to figure out the details of this scandalous sex-capade.

Lucky for me and my flustered brain, Danielle didn’t need much prompting to tell her tales in all of their glory.

DANIELLE: You know those chain texts that used to go around where someone would ask you something and then you would have to answer it before sending it off to how ever many people the chain said ? Well that’s how it happened. I received a chain text from my husbands sister asking me the freakiest thing I’d ever done. So I answered it and then she replied back asking me, ‘‘Have you ever had sex with pregnant pussy?’’ I told her, ‘‘No, but I heard it was good’’. She was pregnant at the time.

Next thing, she came over and we f***ed on the living room couch. Well, I ate her out. I didn’t let her eat me out though. I don’t like a female to eat me out unless we’re about to have a threesome. When I get eaten out, I like to be penetrated after and for dick to fall asleep in me. So if I know that can’t happen, then I don’t get ate out. But I love eating pussy and sucking dick so I had fun eating her out.

PATRIANA: Oh wow. So wait, where was your husband when all of this was happening ?

DANIELLE: He was upstairs knocked out. Girl he always passed out after I put it on him.

PATRIANA: Does he know that you had sex with his sister?

DANIELLE: Yeah he knows. His mama knows too. I told them. And when she confronted me about it, I told her I’d f**k her too.

PATRIANA: Nooo (laughs) You told your mother in law you would have sex with her? What did she say ?

DANIELLE: Nothing. She didn’t say nothing.

PATRIANA: Danielle you are really something else. I have a question. Did you and your husband ever have threesomes together ?

DANIELLE: Nope. Isn’t that something ? In all of our 12 years of marriage, we never had a threesome. And what’s so confusing about it is that he knew I liked girls, he knew I would be down for it, but instead he would just go cheat. It’s whatever though because the girls he cheated with…they weren’t my type anyways.

PATRIANA: Why weren’t they your type?

DANIELLE: (laughs) girl. They just…weren’ type of women. They weren’t on my level. I hold my women to a certain standard.

PATRIANA: I see. And you said your husband cheated a lot. Did you cheat often as well?

DANIELLE: No. Only once. When I f**ked his sister.



Danielle Hammonds is the epitome of the popular saying often used to validate revenge, ‘‘you can do it bad, but I can do it better’’. Her husband may have cheated in quantity, but I cannot even imagine the sting that comes when one finds out their partner has dipped between the legs of their very own…twin sibling.

Surprisingly enough, that wasn’t the only risqué relation which involved a sibling that Hammonds had experienced within her 33 years of living. In fact, her sex life catapulted into a world of adventure and curiosity when she experienced her first orgy at the age of 16, which involved herself, her older sister, a man, and another woman.

DANIELLE: I had tagged along with my sister to one of her friends house. I didn’t know where she was going but me and my sister, we were like two peas in a pod. I hung out with her all of the time. She was 10 years older than me, but we did just about everything together.

PATRIANA: Wait, your sister was 26 ?

DANIELLE: Yes. She was 26. I was 16.

PATRIANA: That’s a pretty big age gap. She let you join in on her threesome?

DANIELLE: Yeah. So, I went with my sister. I didn’t know what she was going to go do. When we got to her guy friends place, there was another woman there too. I sit on the couch and chill in the living room and they go to a room in the back. I’m up front, minding my business. I don’t know what they’re doing back there. Then, I get up and decide to go check on my sister. I walk into the room and they’re all in there f**king. I go, ‘‘Can I join?’’…and they let me.

PATRIANA: How was it being in a orgy with your sister? That wasn’t awkward for you ?

DANIELLE: No, not at all. It was very much a lights off situation. All I know is there was wet pussy everywhere. Lots of stimulation. Toys were involved. We were all sober. And I enjoyed the hell out of myself. It was also my initiation into being sexual with women as well.

PATRIANA: But it wasn’t your first time ?

DANIELLE: No. I had been with a man before. It hurt like hell and I didn’t enjoy it. I also felt the guy started acting weird right after we had sex so I had him take me home because I just wanted to be next to my mom. I also got pregnant my first time.

PATRIANA: So you were pregnant when you had the rendezvous with your sister?

DANIELLE: Yeah but I didn’t know.



So far, we know that Hammonds got pregnant the first time she had sex.

We know that she went on to have her first group sex with her older sister and her older sisters friends.

We know that somewhere along the way she ended up in a 12 year long marriage.

And we know within that marriage, she fucked her husbands twin sister at some point.

One would think that was the end of our interesting interview…however…it was the very beginning.

Within our one hour interview, I was able to go into great detail with Danielle about the ins and outs, ups and downs, of her sexual journey. It was refreshing knowing that this young woman had so many pleasant sexual experiences in which her pleasure and comfort were a priority to the partner(s) involved.

Although society is moving into a place where a plethora of people are beginning to be vocal in their exploration of sex and voice their sexual desires and dissatisfaction, it’s always nice to run across women, specifically, who are bold and unapologetic in standing up for their body.

From her first time squirting to her love of dirty talk, Danielle’s sexual journey has, for the most part, been full of orgasms and adrenaline filled elements.

There was one encounter she had though that she described as being her least enjoyable sexual experience.

DANIELLE: His name was Chris. He was chunky and a hard worker. I think that’s why people were drawn to him. He wasn’t the guy next door, but there was something about him that made people want him. I was one of those people. I was crazy about Chris. We were on and off this emotional roller coaster with each other for years, but never messed around. I got married. And that was that. But then after my divorce, we were back in communications. I went to see him and we had sex. It was the worst.

PATRIANA: Oh no. What made it bad for you?

DANIELLE: He was biting on my nipples. Gnawing on my titties. Gnawing on my p*ssy lips.

PATRIANA: Aw man. You can’t be gnawing on the kitty lips.

DANIELLE: Then he had smells to him. (He smelled) like somebody old house. So it was that on top of the whack head. And when the head is bad, I just try and speed it up to the penetration so I started acting like I just couldn’t go another second without him being inside of me.

PATRIANA: (laughs) I can relate all too well!

DANIELLE: Girl he never made it into my vagina. He came before he even made it in.


DANIELLE: Yes! And what made the experience even worse is that afterwards he was going around bragging about how he f**ked me. It made me upset because he was acting like I just gave it to him when he know damn well we had years of history and had been on and off for years.

PATRIANA: Did you confront him about it ?

DANIELLE: I went off on him. I was like you didn’t even f**k me, you f**ked my thighs. You need to be specific about what you f**ked if you’re going to go off and brag about it.


No but really….


My favorite take-away from my interview with Hammonds was her strong sense of knowing of her body. She’s a firm believer in masturbating and learning your body. She spoke a lot about her do’s and don’ts in the bedroom and how she liked to be handled sexually. She also made sure I knew that she learned all of this about her body on her own, and was able to bring her sexual confidence to the bedroom to teach her partners how to best please her.

I asked her what would be her advice for any person looking to explore themselves sexually and here's what she had to say:

Know yourself first. You can’t be a great sex partner until you know yourself. Learn yourself to make your experiences great for you.



Danielle Hammonds is a 33 year old who is a social worker by day and owner of a NSFW premium snapchat account by weeknight and weekends.



Patriana Jones is a 24 year old creative who uses her literary talents to explore topics such as sex, dating, and relationships. She is Founder of #MeLiberated and uses her platform to create dialogue and curate spaces dedicated to healing, liberation, and self-love.

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